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Garbhavastha Me Dekhbhal : Surkshit Matrutv Hetu Upyogi Pustak

 By V&S Editorial Board

Rs. 316 Rs. 395

ISBN : 9789350576434

Year of Publication : 2016

Edition : Latest Revised

No. of Pages : 160

Weight : 240 g

Language : Hindi

Condition : New

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Prastut pustak mein garbhaavastha ke dauraan striaayon mein hone vaale shaareerik evan maanasik badalaav, svayan kee dekhabhaal, samuchit aahaar evan anya kaee kathinaiyon, jaise garbhapaat ke dauraan seks, garbhapaat, garbhaavastha kee samasyaen evan unaka samaadhan, yogaasan tatha vyaayaam aadi se judee baaton ka ullekh kiya gaya hai. Garbhaavastha ke dauraan sabase mahattvapuurn hai ki aap apane aahaar ka vishesh taur par dhyaan rakhen. Is dauraan garbhavatee stree ko vitaamin tatha khanij, vishesh ruup se folik esid aur aayaran kee jaruurat hotee hai. Kab kya khaayen, isake liye pustak mein sambandhit taalika bhee dee gaee hai. Ise padhakar aap garbhaavastha ke dauraan apane liye santulit aahaar tay kar sakatee hain.
Aaj ke aadhunik samay mein ekal dampatti kee sankhya mein betahaasha badhotaree dekhee ja rahee hai. Aise mein pratyek garbhavatee mahila ko apanee dekhabhaal kaise karen, is baat ka samuchit gyaan hona aavashyak hai.
Is pustak mein garbhaavastha se judee kuchh bhraantiyon ke samaadhaan bhee die gae hain. Yadi pratyek garbhavatee ko prasav ke dauraan hone vaalee in pareshaaniyon kee samuchit jaanakaaree ho to usaka prasavakaal yakeenan aasaan ban sakata hai. Is pustak mein garbhavatee mahilaon ke man mein uthane vaale tamaam prakaar ke prashnon ke uttar nihit hain.(Pregnancy initiates rapid changes in your body. You might start thinking more and more about your looks, your body weight, your ever increasing waist, breasts, and even about the size of your clothes! You might just also start wondering about what is going to happen to your figure post pregnancy. In fact, during pregnancy, you can retain your natural body shape to a certain extent through the combination of a proper exercise regime and a healthy, balanced diet. Though, do consult a doctor before doing so. This book gives you all the tips necessary with regard to problems and effective solutions. ) #v&spublishers

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