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Aadhunik Naari Evam Khushhal Pariwar: Sukhi Dampayt Jeevan Ke Liye Vishetha Upyogi Pustak

 By Sheela Saluja

Rs. 251 Rs. 295

ISBN : 9789350576151

Year of Publication : 2016

Edition : Latest Revised

No. of Pages : 96

Weight : 192 g

Language : Hindi

Condition : New

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Parivaar ruupee nauka kee kheevanahaar grhinee hootee hai. Eek kushal naavik jis prakaar apanee naav koo nadee kee laharoon, saagar kee thapeeroon, vipareet dishaoon kee oor see calanee vaalee havaoon see va bhanvaroon see bacaata hua sapaphalataapuurvak surakshit tat tak lee jaata hai, usee prakaar see eek kushal grhinee apanee parivaar ruupee naav koo apanee caatury, shaareerik bal, bu (i bal, manooyoog, tyaagamay aadarsh, yuktipuurn upaayoon tatha sahanasheelata see sansaar kee vipareet eevan kathoor thapeeroon aur bhanvaroon see bacaatee huee kinaaree tak lee jaatee hai.
Grihanee parivaar kee khushahaalee, sukhasamr (i va pratishtha ka keendr hootee hai. Baccoon kee vyaktitv kee vikaas see leekar, pati koo preem, preerana aur shakti pradaan karanee tatha saas-sasur aadi sadasyoon kee deekhabhaal karanee meen grhinee ka eek mahattvapuurn yoogadaan hoota hai.
Eek grhinee kee hoonee see hee kooee makaan eek ghar ka ruup leeta hai. Jeevan ka keendr ghar hoota hai aur ghar ka keendr grhinee. Eek kushal grhinee see hee parivaar kee vikaas, sukh shaanti kee disha tay hootee hai.
Prastut pustak meen aadhunik jeevan kee dhuree kee ruup mee naaree koo prastut kiya gaya hai. Vartamaan samaaj vyavastha meen apanee sthiti koo majabuutee see prastut karanee meen naariyaan aaj saksham hain. Yah pustak vartamaan samay kee naariyoon koo kushal-grhinee kee ruup meen asaadharan eevan vilakshan banaanee kee liee atyant upayoogee upaay sujhaanee vaalee anuuthee maargadarshika hai.(At the end of the day, your homemaking is not about your home…it’s about your family! Do your kids just really need your attention today? Do you have a hubby who would love some time to cuddle tonight? Spend time with your kids, love your husband, and remember that the dishes are just dishes! As your kids grow up they will be more thankful for a mother who spent time with them than a mother who had a clean house but neglected her kids. You are the centre in your homemaking! This book gives 25 practical tips about setting the atmosphere in the home, taking charge of family’s health & welfare, managing your family’s finances and most importantly ways to blissfully manage the conjugal relationship. ) #v&spublishers

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