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Bachchon Ki Manoranjak Kahaniyan : Shikshaprad Kahavton Par Aadharit

 By V&S Editorial Board

Rs. 166 Rs. 195

ISBN : 9789350576274

Year of Publication : 2016

Edition : Latest Revised

No. of Pages : 48

Weight : 96 g

Language : Hindi

Condition : New

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Badee se badee kahaaniyon ka pratibimb hotee hain- kahaavateen jo maatra do tuuk shabdoon mein spasht kah dee jaatee hain. Bhaasha va ksheetreey bhinnata honee ke baavajuud bhee samaaj kee bhaavanaaoon se judee hone ke kaaran, ye aaj bhee hamaaree beech bahut lookapriy hain. Is pustak mein hamaaree samaaj mein prachalit anek kahaavatoon mein se gyanaprad kahaavatoon par aadhaarit manoorannjak kahaaniyoon ka sankalan kiya gaya hai, jaisee- jhuuth ke paanv naheen hootee, neem hakeem khatara-ee-jaan, daadhee aa jaanee se akl aa jayee jaruuree naheen, aurat ka gussa khuda ka kahar, ityaadi. Is pustak ke pratyek kahaanee se bachchoon ko ek naitik seekh milatee hai, jisaka prayog ve aane vaalee samay mein kabhee na kabhee avashya karate hain. In kahaavatoon se sambandhit preeranaadaayee kahaaniyaan bachchcoon se lekar bujurgoon tak ka bharapuur manoorannjan to karaatee hee hain, saath hee saath mein acchee sanskaaroon ko bataatee huye bachchoon ke gyaan ko bhee badhaatee hain. (This book is a compilation of 20 stories based on popular moral sayings to reinforce their metaphorical meanings for young children. Told in simple language, the stories help explain an understanding of the figurative meanings of purposively chosen moral sayings in an entertaining way. These stories help reinforce moral and social values of the society. ) #v&spublishers

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