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Bhartrhari: Language, Thought and Reality

 By Mithilesh Chaturvedi

Rs. 1,148 Rs. 1,595

ISBN : 9788120833999, 8120833996

Year of Publication : 2009

Edition : 1st

No. of Pages : 615

Language : English

Condition : New

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This volume is the outcome of the international seminar on Bhartrhari: Thought, Language and Reality held in New Delhi on 12-14 December 2003 as part of the centenary celebrations of Motilal Banarasidass. In this seminar, scholars from all over the world presented their interpretations of Bhartrhariês philosophy, some of the light of the modern trends in philosophy and linguistics, others in the backdrop of Indian tradition.

This volume contains almost all the papers presented at the seminar along with some other papers invited from scholars who could not participate in the seminar to make it comprehensive. The papers discuss the metaphysics of Bhartrhari and his ideas about questions concerned language and reality. Some of the papers compare Bhartrhari with Western Philosophers and linguists like Wittgenstein, Grice, Searle, Humboldt, Chomsky and Goldbert, thus showing his relevance to problems in contemporary philosophy and linguistics. It is clear that after the initial efforts in the fourth to sixth decades of the twentieth century, Bhartrhari studies have now gained a significant momentum.

About the Author:

Mithilesh Chaturvedi teaches in the Department of Sanskrit, University of Delhi. His publications include Vrttisamuddesa of Bhratrhariês Vakyapadiya: Author

Mithilesh Chaturvedi teaches in the Department of Sanskrit, University of Delhi. His publications include Vrttisamuddesa of Bhratrhariês Vakyapadiya: A Study and several research papers and articles in journals and magazines. He has translated and anthology of Sanskrit Poetry entitled Kavyasangraha, Part-I from Sanskrit into Hindi. He has also translated three works from English into Hindi including Gaurinath Shastriês. The Philosophy of Word and Meaning. Currently he is engaged in an annotated Hindi translation of Helarajaês commentary on the third kanda of the Vakyapadiya.

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