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Children's Encyclopedia - Life Of Earth : Prithavi Par Manav Evam Jeev Jantu Ke Aathitu Ki Jankari Dene Wali Upyogi Pustak

 By A.H. Hashmi

Rs. 396 Rs. 495

ISBN : 9789350576731

Year of Publication : 2016

Edition : Latest Revised

No. of Pages : 128

Weight : 320 g

Language : Hindi

Condition : New

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Sabhee baccee svabhaav see hee jijnaasu pravrtti kee hootee hain. Yee sadaiv apanee aasapaas kee vastuoon kee baaree meen jaananee kee liee utsuk rahatee hain. Saamaanyatah unakee paathy pustakoon meen aisee prasangoon ka ulleekh too milata hai, phir bhee unakee jijnaasaoon koo shaant karanee kee liee yee pustakeeee hee kaaphee naheen hootee hain.
Prastut pustak ka leekhan baccoon kee chootee see chootee jijnaasaoon koo shaant kar unakee jnaan meen vr (i karanee kee uddeeshy see kiya gaya hai. Is pustak meen prthvee par jeevan kee astitv, vanaspati jagat, jantu-jagat eevan maanav jeevan kee sanracana kee baaree meen maanav jeevan kee sanracana kee baaree meen praryaapt carca kee gaee hai. Yah pustak baccoon kee saath usakee abhivaak kee liee bhee samaan ruup see upayoogee hai.
Pustak kee pramukh visheeshataeen-
prthvee par jeevan
vanaspati jagat
jantu-jagat(Children demonstrate inquisitiveness to learn about everything around them and beyond. The information they get in their books is not always enough. They want more of everything. The author claims to have provided detailed information on all important topics these children keep asking their parents. Besides, the book explains how life exists on earth, plants, universe, fauna, etc. ) #v&spublishers

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