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Indian Philosophy, Vol. 3: The Philosophies of Bhaskara, Saivism and different Saiva schools and the problem of Post Sankara Advaitavada

 By Jadunath Sinha

Rs. 1,440 Rs. 2,000

ISBN : 9788120816022, 8120816021

Year of Publication : 2015

Edition : Latest Reprint

No. of Pages : 502

Language : English

Condition : New

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The work in three volumes deals with the subject comprehensively. The treatment closely follows the basic texts of the various schools, which is a unique feature of the work. The third volume elaborately deals with the philosophies of Bhaskara (900 A.D.), the Pratyabhijna school of Saivism (Kashmir Saivism) (800-1000 A.D.), the Pasupata (100-1000 A.D.), the Saiva Siddhanta (Southern Saivism) (1100-1300 A.D.), the Saiva Visistadvaitavada of Srikantha (1300 A.D.) Vira Saivism, Sripati Pandita's (1400 A.D.) Saivism, and the problems of the post-Samkara Advaitavada (900-1700 A.D.).

This book elaborately deals with the problems of Brahman, Isvara, Jiva, Isvarasaksin, Jivasaksin, Pratyagatman, saksin ahamkara, avidya and maya, the locus and the object of avidya, the nature and the cessation of avidya, the nature of the world, its material cause and efficient cause, falsity of the world appearance, falsity of the falsity, Brahman as the truth and substratum of the world appearance, various theories of causation, three degrees of reality, the empirical reality of the world, the status of the object, its externality, presentability and capacity for evoking responsive actions and the relation of the empirical self to a mental mode and an external object. It deals with intrinsic validity of knowledge, extrinsic invalidity of knowledge, tests of truth, pramanas-perception, inference, comparison, testimony, presumption, and nonapprehension, the problem of induction, kinds of inference, and hypothetical reasoning (tarka). The Advaita Vedanta criticisms of Vaisesika categories,-space, time, cause and effect, being difference, negation, some important qualities and relations-are also given.


About the Author(s)

Late JADUNATH SINHA was the holder of the most covetable Roychand Premchand Scholarship. He taught philosophy at the colleges in Calcutta, Rajsahi, Dacca and Meerut. He wrote several books, tracts and reviews. Some of his works are: Indian Philosophy (6 Vols.), Indian Realism, Vaishnav Vedanta (5 Vols.), and Comparative Religions (4 Vols.)

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