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Kaccayana Pali Grammar (2 Vols.)


Rs. 922 Rs. 1,280

ISBN : 9788120842458, 8120842456

Year of Publication : 2019

Edition : 1st

No. of Pages : 1304

Language : Sanskrit & English

Condition : New

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Kaccayana Pali Vyakaranam is the earliest-know ancient text of Pali grammar. It is indispensable for anyone who wants to study Pali, the historical Buddha's spoken language which is also the sacred language of Buddhism.

This book offers a comprehensive translation of the ancient grammatical text along with simple explanations of the necessary details. This volume supports any serious student of Pali who wishes to build a firm grammatical foundation upon which one may gradually develop the necessary linguistic skills, and eventually master the Pali language. This book consists of the eight chapters found in the original pali text complemented by an introduction, footnotes and appendices. All brief grammatical rule called Suttas are shown in both Devanagari and Romanized Pali along with applicable example words, non-applicable examples, and split-Sutta functions. Detailed meanings and relevant examples regarding the Pali prefixes are also explained. Also included are details of a system of how verbs are formed. To make the study of Pali more accessible, a brief study-guide is also included in the introduction of the book.

About the Author:

A. THITZANA is a Buddhist monk born in Myanmar (Burma), he studied both Pali and Buddhist texts over a period of more than thirty years. He hails from a strong background of learning and teaching. In this book he has skillfully presented the grammar of the ancient Pali language along with an English translation that is free from the complex nuances of linguistics and grammatical norms inherent in the ancient Indo-Aryan languages of Sanskrit and Pali. Started in 2005 , this translation is an academic work which will make the study of Pali and Buddhist studies more accessible, thus benefiting all international students of Pali and oriental studies who wish to gain a more in-depth understanding into the structural dynamics and common patterns of the Pali language. This book is an exceptional translation that is well-suited for all contemporary students of Pali as it is presented in Romanized Pali. A Thitzana has also written two books in Burmese on the study of Pali grammar. They are: (a) A comprehensive Manual of Pali Grammar (Sukhavabodhini Vyakaranam) (b) A Handbook of Noun Declension and Verb-conjugation (Namakhyatagana Sambodhini). Both of these books received the top Buddhist literary awards in Myanmar in 2014.

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