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Katha Aur Kahani: 200 se adhik shikshaaprad kahaaniyaan

 By V&S Editorial Board

Rs. 521 Rs. 695

ISBN : 9789357942195

Year of Publication : 2020

Edition : Latest Revised

No. of Pages : 416

Weight : 610 g

Language : Hindi

Condition : New

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Gopoo buks kee gauravamayee parampara ko aage badhaate huye vee end es pablishars ne kahaaniyon ka utkrshth sankalan prakaashit kiya hai, jisamen 4 khand hain- * bachchon ke lie pauraanik kahaaniyaan * bachchon ke lie jangal kee kahaaniyaan * bachchon ke lie anamol kahaaniyaan * bachchon ke lie rochak kahaaniyaan prastut pustak mein jaanavaron, jeev jantu evan desh-videsh kee lok kathaon par aadhaarit 200 manoranjak kahaaniyaan hai. sabhee kahaaniyaan khaasataur par bachchon kee roochi ko dhyaan mein rakhakar likhee gaee hai. upayukt kahaaniyon kee pustakon ko prakaashit karane ka uddeshy bachchon ke manoranjan ke saath-saath unhen jindagee kee vaastavikata se parichit karaana bhee hai. pustak kee bhaashaashailee atyant sahaj tatha bhaavapoorn hone ke kaaran ye pustaken bachchon ke beech avashy hee lokapriy hogee. pratyek kahaanee ke ant mein kahaanee se milane vaalee seekh kee jaanakaaree bhee dee gayee hai, jise padhakar bachche gyaan arjit kar sakate hain. vee end es pablishars ne is pustak ko baajaar mein bik rahee kahaaniyon kee any pustakon se alag karane ke liye vishesh taur par blaik end hnait kaartoon chitren se sajaaya hai, jo bhaarat varj mein pahalee baar banaaye gaye hain. in chitren ke kaaran pustak aur jyaada rochak aur aakarshak prateet hogee bachchon ko.

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