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Kya Aap Nirash Hain?: Sayam Ko Pachaniye, Aapni Shakitio Ko Pudtha Jagarit Kijiye

 By Harendra 'Harsh'

Rs. 213 Rs. 250

ISBN : 9789350576588

Year of Publication : 2016

Edition : Latest Revised

No. of Pages : 80

Weight : 120 g

Language : Hindi

Condition : New

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Aaj ka jeevan itana jatil aur duruuh ho gaya hai ki achaanak vipttiaayaan athava avarodh uth khade hone par logon ka aatmavishvaas dagamaga jaata hai aur ve aasha chod dete hain. Niraasha se jeevan ke bahumuulay tatv nasht hone ke kaaran vijay ke bahut se avasar kho jaate hain. Aap niraash rahenge, to har cheeja mein buraee hee najaar aayegee. Aisa vyakti chinta se adhamara ho jaata hai. Atah aasha ke dor kabhee mat choden. Usake saath date rahen, phir dekhen, aapake jeevan mein khushiyon kee bahaar aa jaayegee.
Aasha utsaah kee jananee hai. Aasha mein tej hai, bal hai, jeevan hai. Aasha hee samuuchee sansaar ke sannchaalak shakti hai. Aasha manushy ke liye amrit hai. Jaisee suury se ped-paudhoon ko jeevan praapt hota hai, vaisee hee aasha se manushyon mein jeevan-shakti ka sanchaar hota hai. Niraasha kabhee bhee aapakee unnati naheen hone detee aur sada aapake lakshay mein baadhak siddh hotee hai. Manushy ke sampuurn unnati aur safalata behatar jeevan shailee se hee sambhav hai. Isaliye niraasha ko kabhee paas mat fatakane den. jaane -maane lekhak Harendra Harsh kee suljhee huee lekhanee dwaara rachit yah pustak apne aap mein adhik vaohaarik evm rochak ban padi hai. Ismein diye gaye udaahran, uddharan aur prasang niraashaa duur bhagane mein saksham hain. Sahee maaynon mein yah vartmaan jeevan kee jyotirmay maargdarshikaa hai. ("Ugh. I'm depressed." We've all said it, and even the most happy-go-lucky among us will have an occasional bout of the blues. Sometimes it's the big stuff that triggers it but often enough, feeling low can come from things as simple as a poor health, financial trouble, crappy weather, or a rough night's sleep. For most of us, these feelings come and go. But when sadness persists for more than two weeks and affects your ability to function at work, at home, or in other aspects of your life, you may have what's known as major, or clinical, depression. The author Harendra Harsh gives exemplary examples and anecdotes in this encouragement filled book to help people return to live normal life. ) #v&spublishers

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