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Learn Hindi Through Oriya(Oriya To Hindi Learning Course) (With Youtube AV): For Oriya Speakers - Learn to convey your ideas in Hindi correctly

 By Vishalam Hari

Rs. 166 Rs. 195

ISBN : 9789350571118

Year of Publication : 2013

Edition : Latest Revised

No. of Pages : 288

Weight : 576 g

Condition : New

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Prastut Pustak me batchit sambandhit vakyo ko padhkar aap Odia bhasha ka prayog Bazaar, Bus Stand, Office aadi jagho par asani se kar sakte hai. Yeh pustak un logo ko dhyan me rakhakar likhi gai hai jo hindi se Odiabhasha sikhne ke ichchhuk hai. Odiake kai vidvano tatha manovaigyaniko se pramarsh ke pashchat is pustak ka sankalan kiya gya hai. Pathako ki suvidha ke liye is pustak ko kul panch khando me bata gya hai. Pustak ke saath Audio CD sanlagan hai jiska upyog kar aap saraltapurvak Odiabol sakte hai.
Pustak ke kuch pramukh ansh.
Odiavyakaran se sambandhit Prayawachi Shabd, Vilom Shabd tatha Lokpriya Muhavaro ka prayog, Mahtvapuran Shabdavali me sharir ke vibhinn ang, aatmiy rishtedaron se sambandhit shabd, Khaad Samgri, Rog, Kide-Makodo, Janvaro ke Naam, Fal, Sabji tatha Vibhinn Dhatuo ke bare me jaankari di gai hai.
Pustak me Kya, Kyon, Kuon, Kaise aadi shabdo ka prayog Bazaar, Bank, Daakghar, Railway Station, Bus Stand, Restaurant aadi jagho par kis prakar Odiabhasha me batchit kare iski vistrit jankari bhi di gai hai.
Aavedan patra, Abhinandan patra, Mitra ko patra, Pustako ke liye Order kis prakar likhe iska bhi udaharan pustak ke antim khand me nihit hai.
Pathako se anurodh hai ki Odiasikhne ke liye is pustak me diye gaye batchit ke ansho ko pratidin avashaya padhe.
(This book helps people in learning Hindi langauge through rightful application of words and sentences in places like market, bus stands, offices, etc. It is specially designed for the people who wish to learn oriya to hindi languague conversions. It is a compilation of exerts from various Hindi language experts and psychologists. The book has been divided into five parts to make it easier for the students to read and learn. It is available with a free Audio CD that helps individuals in learning to speak the language. Major parts of the boook: Hindi Grammar related synonyms, antonyms and usage of famous idioms, important words related to the body parts, foot items,family and relatives, diseases,insects, animals,fruits and vegetables and information related to metals. This book contains a list of words like what, why, how,who, etc. and their usage in Odia language in places like markets, banks, post office, bus stand, restaurant, etc. in detail. The books also provides examples of application letters, invitation letters, letters to family and friends, letter to order for books in the last section. It is advisable for all the individuals to practice parts of speech and given grammar daily to have a command over the language.) #v&spublishers

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