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Maa - Beti Ki Saheli : Pratyek Maa Apanee Betee ke Jeevan ko Saphal, Saarthak aur Khushahaal Banaane mein Apane Daayitvon ka Nirvaah Karen

 By Sheela Saluja

Rs. 213 Rs. 250

ISBN : 9789350576304

Year of Publication : 2016

Edition : Latest Revised

No. of Pages : 72

Weight : 108 g

Language : Hindi

Condition : New

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Yah duniya ka maana hua sac hai ki beetee meen maan ka hee svaruup nirmit hoota hai. Vah usee see shakti grahan karatee hai. Iseeliee beetee kee prati maan kee daayitv usakee jeevan koo sabal, saarthak aur saksham banaatee hain. Aisee meen maan hee beetee kee saccee mitr banakar har pahaluu see usakee tamaam jijnaasaoon aur shankaoon ka samaadhaan karatee hai. Maan ka mitravat vyavahaar hee usakee sankoocoon koo mita kar usee khulakar baat karanee kee pee?rarana deeta hai aur usee acchee-buree kee pahacaan karaakar jeevan meen sangharsh karanee aur apana sudrrh sthaan banaanee kee kshamata pradaan karata hai. Yah maitree hee is paudhee kee paravarish kar usee ghar-parivaar aur samaaj kee liee yaanee kushal, karmath aur sanskaaravaan banaatee hai.
Is pustak meen samaaj kee sabasee mahattvapuurn dharoohar beetee kee liee maan koo aisee hee disha nirdeesh diee gaee hain. Inheen parhakar aur isameen bataee gaee taur-tareekoon koo apanaakar pratyeek maan apanee beetee kee vyaktitv koo nikhaaranee aur usakee jeevanashailee koo sanvaaranee meen apanee daayitv ka nirvaah kar sakeegee.(Daughters generally reflect their mothers in manners and outlook. A mother is her daughter’s best friend; always there to comfort her in every situation. Through her cheerful and friendly behaviour, a mother helps her daughter to succinctly distinguish between what is right and what is wrong within the family and society. This book explains why the bonding between a daughter and her mother is eternal. Chapters in the book highlight the measures a mother take in guiding her daughter toward social well being in a most graceful and acceptable manner. The book Beti ki Saheli- Maa contains typical tips to keep the mother-daughter and post-marriage family relations healthy, fruitful and everlasting. ) #v&spublishers

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