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Mahilaon Ki Swasthy Sambandhi Mithak Dharnayen: 100 Se Aadhik Swasthy Sambandhi Yesi Galatfahmiyan Jo Mahilaon Ke Swasthy Jeevan Jeene Mai Badhak Banti Hai

 By Dr. Prakash Chand Gangrade

Rs. 396 Rs. 495

ISBN : 9789350576632

Year of Publication : 2016

Edition : Latest Revised

No. of Pages : 184

Weight : 276 g

Language : Hindi

Condition : New

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Aaj sabhee tarah kee mahilaoon mein svaasthy sambandhee mithak dhaaranayen vyaapak ruup se failee huee hain. Yee dhaaranaeen unhen apane sanskaar mein milee huee hotee hain, jin par ve aankh muundakar vishvaas bhee kar letee hain. Yah unake ajnaanata aur sandeeh kee pravirtti ke kaaran hota hai. Ve naheen chaahate ki inaka vaijnaanik aadhaar pata karake uchit-anuchit ka pata lagayen. Aisa na karanee se unake svasthy ke prati laaparavaahee avashyambhaavee hai.
Svaasthy ke sambandh mein mithak dhaaranaon ke kaaran akasar mahilaon se chhotee-motee bhuul ho jaatee hai. Isase unake shareer mein rog jaden jamaane lagata hai. Is pustak mein kaee mithak dhaaranaon ke baaree mein vistaarpuurvak sahee vaijnaanik tathya diye gaye hain. Inaka vaijnaanik paksh kya hai aur inakee peechee kee sachchaaee kaun-see hai? Inhen achchhee tarah samajhana hoga, tabhee aap laabhaanvit hokar ek svasth jeevan jee sakeengee.(You may be making health decisions based on incorrect or outdated information. In order to live healthy, make sure that your sources for health information are current and accurate. Also, check with your family doctor if you have any questions about living a healthier life. There are many myths doing rounds of the society for centuries that are not correct scientifically/medically, especially with regard to a woman’s wellbeing.. The author Dr.Prakash Chandra Gangrade debunks many popular myths and tells the facts. The author cautions that the health choices you make can also impact the health of others. ) #v&spublishers

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