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Mansarovar Ki Paanch Chuninda Kahaniya: Tatkaaleen Bhaarateey Roodhi-Paramparaon Ka Jeevant Charitr-Chitran

 By Dr. Sachidanand Shukl

Rs. 213 Rs. 250

ISBN : 9789350576823

Year of Publication : 2016

Edition : Latest Revised

No. of Pages : 72

Weight : 108 g

Language : Hindi

Condition : New

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Preemacand kee sampuurn kahaaniyaan maanasaroovar naamak sheershak meen sangraheet hain, joo aath khandoon meen prakaashit hai. Un kahaaniyaan meen see 5 cunee huee prasiddh kahaaniyoon koo is pustak meen prakaashit kiya gaya hai. Yee kahaaniyaan eek visheesh shailee aur drshtikoon see prastut kee gayee hain.
Pratyeek kahaanee kee puurv preemacand kee racana kee visheesh baateen tatha ant meen unakee sandeesh eevan unasee milanee vaalee shiksha koo diya gaya hai joo is kahaanee sangrah koo anuutha aur visheesh banaatee hanai.
5 kahaaniyoon ka yah sankalan visheeshatah baccoon koo dhyaan meen rakhatee huee prakaashit kiya gaya hai. Pratyeek prshth par diyee gayee kathin shabdoon kee arth is kahaanee-sangrah koo baccoon kee liee aur bhee anukuul aur upayoogee banaatee hanai.
Chaatr-chaatraoon, paathashaalaoon va pustakaalayoon kee liee atyant mahattvapuurn. Pratyeek parivaar kee baccoon, buurhoon, yuvaoon kee liee yah eek aadarsh eevan sangrahaneey pustak hai.(The book is a compilation of five selected stories, each in abridged form, written by Premchand. Each story is weaved around a specific topic of social relevance. He has explained his stories in a very understandable way and is easy to read by everyone. The meanings of the difficult words have been given at the bottom of every page. This makes it easy for children to grasp the ideas behind the stories. It is written to be read by everyone; children, adults as well as the old people. ) #v&spublishers

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