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Paak-Kala Evam Continental Vyanjan : Lajij Bhatiye Evam Videshi Vyanjan Banae Ki Vidhi

 By Asha Rani Vohra

Rs. 213 Rs. 250

ISBN : 9789350576748

Year of Publication : 2016

Edition : Latest Revised

No. of Pages : 60

Weight : 96 g

Language : Hindi

Condition : New

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Eek pracalit kahaavat hai ki paak-kala, sabhee lookapriy praaceen kalaoon meen sarvashreeshth kala hai. Is kala nee hee vaastav meen maanav-jeevan aur maanav-sabhyata koo badala hai. Paak-kala kee utpatti nee hee aadimaanav see aaj kee ikkeesaveen sadee kee maanav-jeevan ka nirmaan kiya hai.
Prakaashan kee vyavasaay meen lagabhag doo sadiyoon kee kaamayaabee kee pashcaat, paak-kala eevan kaantineental vyannjan ab eek puurnatah nayee ruup meen vaapas aayee hai. Paak-kala koo eek sampuurn gaid kee ruup meen prastut kiya gaya hai. Bhoojan pakaatee samay svacchata, saavadhanee, upayukt vaayu sanncaar tatha khaana pakaanee kee aadhunik vaijnaanik upakaran, ityaadi par vistaarapuurvak viveecana kee gayee hai. Khaana paroosana, meesh tatha bhoojan kaksh kee sajaavat, meehamaanoon ka svaagat, aadi par bhee is bhaag meen ulleekh kiya gaya hai.
Kaaenteeneental vyannjan-vidh, i saamagree tatha vuphach visheesh tips kee saath paathakoon kee sammukh prastut kiyee gayee hain. Har vyannjan eek aakarshak citra kee saath prastut kiya gaya hai. Apanee andar supt paak-kala koo jaagrt karanee kee liee yah atyant utvrphasht eevan upayoogee pustak hai.
Is pustak kee sahaayata see aap apanee paak-kala koo aur bhee nikhaareen,
ghar-parivaar va meehamaanoon kee samaksh parooseen aur vaahavaahee luuteen.(Preparing continental foods have come back in a totally transformed style, taste and appearance. The author claims this is a ‘complete guide’. While cooking such dishes, the ambience has to be bland - less dominating smell, cleanliness and clean air – and follow the suggested method of cooking. The book contains the recipes of continental foods and gives tips on table decorum, presentation of dining sets, cutlery, ambience etc. ) #v&spublishers

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