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Parivarik Jeevan Main Khushi Ke Upaye: Khushal Jeevan Jeene Ki Kala

 By Chuni Lal Saluja

Rs. 166 Rs. 195

ISBN : 9789350576755

Year of Publication : 2016

Edition : Latest Revised

No. of Pages : 56

Weight : 84 g

Language : Hindi

Condition : New

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Ab jamaana badal gaya hai. Usee hisaab se vyakti ke soch samajh, usaka rahan sahan, aachaar vyavahaar aur paraspar sambandhon kee garima tatha mithaas bhee badal gaee hai. Ab sab kuch adhik vyaavahaarik ho gaya hai. Vyakti kee jaagaruukata va aakaankshaein pahale se badh gaee hain. Isee tarah aaj ke jeevan kee aapaadhapee, hodh, tanaav, hataasha aur begaaneepan ne vyakti ko jis tarah pareshaanee mein daal rakha hai, Yah pustak usase saarthak bachav ke vyaavahaarik upaay sujhaatee hai aur isee tarah usakee liye khushahaal jeevan jeenee ka maarg prashast karatee hai.
Isamein 7 adhyaay hain aur yah tay hai ki har adhyaay aapake jeevan mein naye naye rang bharega, jaisee-
Parivaar see juden ;
khush rahein khushiyaan baantein;
Vyaktitv koo aakarshak banaien;
Daampatya jeevan ko saras banaein;
Avaidh sambandheen kee mrgatrshna se bachein;
Sakaaraatmak soch palein
aur in sab upaayon par amal karake jeenee kee kala seekheein. Ye sabhee upaay itane satek, chust aur parakhe huye hain ki inhein apanaakar aap nishchay hee khushahaal jeevan jeenee mein saksham ban sakenge.(This book helps sneak a peek at six revealing building blocks to help you set a solid and happy foundation in family life. Get these things moving in your life and you will set off powerful chain reactors that will allow you and your family members to enjoy more happiness, love, joy and abundance in your life! 1. Stay close to family members. 2. Share happiness. 3. Be open to others 4. Keep conjugal life happy 5.Stay away from undesirable relationships 6. Think positive. These little gems when followed will lead to a healthy and happy life. ) #v&spublishers

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