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Samanya Gyan Geography: Everything an educated person is expected to be familiar with in Geography, in Hindi

 By D. S. Tiwari

Rs. 166 Rs. 195

ISBN : 9789357941518

Year of Publication : 2017

Edition : Latest Revised

No. of Pages : 128

Weight : 192 g

Language : Hindi

Condition : New

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pratiyogee pareekshaon mein saamaany gyaan kee badhatee upayogita tatha baajaar mein isakee maang ko dekhate hue ‘vee end es pablishars’ ne saamaany gyaan itihaas pustak prakaashit kiya hai. is pustak mein bhoogol se sambandhit mahattvapoorn tathyon ka samaavesh kiya gaya hai.
pustak ko do bhaagon mein baanta gaya haiai. pustak ke pratham bhaag mein ‘vishv bhoogol’ se sambandhit paathy-saamagree ka samaavesh kiya gaya hai. isamen prthvee kee aantarik sanrachana, vishv kee pramukh naharen, vishv kee pramukh jalasandhiyaan, vishv kee pramukh dveep, vishv ke pramukh deshaaen kee raajadhaanee evan mudra aadi ke baare mein vistrt jaanakaaree dee gayee hai. pustak ke dviteey bhaag mein ‘bhaarat ka bhoogol’ se sambandhit raajaneetik evan aarthik bhoogol kee vistrt paathy-saamagree dee gaee hai. jisake tahat bhaarat kee mittee, bhaarat kee jalavaayu, bhaarat ke udyog-dhandhe, bhaarat ke parivahan, bhaarateey janajaatiyaan aadi ke baare mein sampoorn tathy diye gaye hain.
yah pustak pratibhaagiyon evan sabhee chhaatr/chhaatron ke lie to upayogee hai hee, isake atirikt shikshak, lekhakon tatha sabhee sajag paathakon ke lie bhee saamaan roop se upayogee hai.(In view of the usefulness of common knowledge in competitive examinations and its growing demand in the market, 'V & S' Publishers' has published General Knowledge History book. This book contains important facts related to geography.The book is divided into two parts. The text related to 'World Geography' has been included in the first part of the book. In it , deatiled information about the inner structure of the earth, the major canals of the world, the main waters of the world, the main island of the world, the world's major states, their capitals and their currencies is given. In the second part of the book, detailed section of the political and economic geography related to 'Geography of India' is given. Under it, the entire soil of India, the climate of India, the industry of India, transportation of India, Indian tribes etc. This book is useful only for the participants and students, apart from this, it is also useful for teachers and writers as well.) #v&spublishers

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