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Sankshipt Jeev Vigyan Shabdkosh: Important terms and their accurate explanation

 By V&S Editorial Board

Rs. 166 Rs. 195

ISBN : 9789350570432

Year of Publication : 2013

Edition : Latest Revised

No. of Pages : 216

Weight : 324 g

Language : Hindi

Condition : New

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Aaj ke jivan shaili me hum vigyan ke adbhut vastuon ka prayog har jagah dekhte hai. Aap vigyan me ruche le athawa nahi, vigyan aaj ki aadhunik jindagi me kadam-kadam par mahatvpurn bhumika ka nirvaah karta hai. Manav sharir ki sanrachna, shavasan pachantantra se jude jatil shabdo ki aasan vyakhya ki gai hai. Bimaar padne par swastha hone ke liye hame dawayon ki avayshkta padti hai. Dawayon ka avishkar aur uski jaankari jeev vigyan ki ek vishesh shakha hai. Vastut yah vigyan hi hai jo hume aaj ki aadhunik jeevan shaili se bhalibhati parichit karati hai.
“V & S Publishers” Vidhyarthiyo ke liye bhautiki, rasayan, jiv, vigyan, samanya vigyan, ganit ke takniki shabdo ke shabdkosh lekar aaye hai. Shabdo ko asani se dhundhne ke liye pustak me ‘alphabet’ kram ka prayog kiya gya hai. Sabhi gudh shabdo ke saath unke arth tatha asaan vyakhya chitro sahit is prakar ke gai hai, jise padhkar vidharthi uska pura laabh utha sake
Is shabdkosh ki rachna vishesh rup se secondary aur sr. secondary ke vidhyarthiyo ko dhyaan me rakhkar ki gai hai. Vaise pathak, jinhone kabhi vigyan ka gahan adhyayan nahi kiya hai, ve bhi is shabdkosh me di gai vyakhya, tatha sarani ko padhkar labhavanvit ho sakte hai. Shabdkosh ke akhir me nobel purskar vijeta vaigyaniko aur unke avishkaro ke bare me sanschipt jaankari di gai hai jo is shabdkosh ka akarshan aur bada deti hai.
(In today's life style, we see the wonderful things of science everywhere. Whether you are interested in science or not, science plays an important role in step-by-step in today's modern life. The complex interpretation of the complexity of human body structure, respiratory digestion system has been interpreted. We need medicines to be healthy on getting sick. The invention of drugs and its information is a special branch of biology.Actually it is the science that makes us familiar with today's modern life style. "V & S Publishers" has come to students with the technical terms of physics, chemistry, life, science, general science, mathematics and mathematics.The alphabet sequence has been used in the book to easily find words. With all the difficult words, their meanings and such interpretations have been done in such a way that the reader can take full advantage of it.The composition of this dictionary is particularly secondary and sir Secondary students have been kept in mind.Well the reader, who has never studied science, can also get the interpretation given in this dictionary, and reading the array.At the end of the dictionary, sophisticated information about Nobel Prize winning scientists and their inventions has been given, which gives the attraction of this dictionary bigger.) #v&spublishers

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