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Sanskrit is Fun (Parts I - III Bound Together): A Sanskrit coursebook for beginners

 By Warwick Jessup & Elena Jessup

Rs. 521 Rs. 695

ISBN : 9788120835979, 8120835972

Year of Publication : 2012

Edition : 1st

No. of Pages : 100

Language : Sanskrit & English

Condition : New

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The first group of books entitled Sanskrit is Fun (Parts I-III) introduce the learners to the Devanagari alphabets, grouping the letters according to their place of articulation, called 'Family', which comprises both the vowels and consonants. Learners are first taught how to draw the letters.

Learning and teaching is also helped by the humorous presentation of the letters in the form of animals figures. The next step is to add vowel to the consonants, and then to teach joint (compound) consonants. Finally words and sentences are formed.


These Coursebooks are well-graded, and supported by appropriate illustrations that make them very attractive to learners, particularly the young. Today many Indian and foreign schools/ Colleges offer Sanskrit as an optional subject. For such students these books are a very effective mean of introducing Sanskrit, which they might not have studied previously. These books could also be useful for those involved in performing arts, such as dance and music, or for students of Yoga and Ayurveda-subjects which have many sanskrit reference. - Prof. Satyavrat Shastri in his 'Foreword'

It is a privilege for me to be invited to introduce this set of text books. ... Only a few students are likely to have the opportunity to go on to study Sanskrit in depth, so that they can enjoy reading Sanskrit by themselves. ... And the few who go further will be grateful that these books have launched them on an unforgettable experience. - Prof. Richard Gombrich in his 'Preface'

Sanskrit Literally means 'well formed' or 'refined'. It is a classical language for excellence predating Latin and Greek, and it (these coursebooks) reveals to children the fundamental principles of language. - Warwick Jessup, Head of the Sanskrit Deptt. St. James School,

The textbooks are reader friendly and enhance the user's creative skill by providing the opportunity to draw and present alongwith stories. - The Speaking Tree, Feb. 26, 2012

I'm simply overwhelmed with joy just looking at these seven coursebooks. ... Even after following traditional twelve-year grammar course, the curiosity of Sanskrit lovers are not satiated. ... For such people this Bhagirath (great) attempt is certainly praiseworthy. - Prof. Dayananda Bhargava, March 26th, 2012.

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