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Shrimad Bhagavad Gita: As Taught in a Traditional Indian Gurukulam

 By Raadhaa Acharya

Rs. 932 Rs. 1,295

ISBN : 9789391430344, 9391430341, 9789391430429, 9391430422

Year of Publication : 2022

Edition : 1st

No. of Pages : 734

Language : English

Condition : New

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About the Book:

This “Book of Golden words” called the Bhagavad Gita is based on the words my Guru, Acharya, saints, sages, tattva-vitts and great scholars on the bank of river Ganga. Through this book, I have attempted to give the reader a feel of studying Vedanta ina traditional Gurukulam. Since self-knowledge can only be gained by self, we are always short of words in unfolding the scriptures. I have tried to explain the meaning of the verses through different references, which makes the reader understand the meaning easily. Gaining self-knowledge is a karma that involves a lot of insight, analysing, logical thinking and examining. Words look very simple but under-standing their meaning requires a lot of effort. Self-knowledge is also a transfer of positive energy which is transferred through words. And here, I have tried to give the meaning after analysing words by different Gurus and acharyas. Since I also teach in Japanese medium, my insight into meaning is not limited to dictionary translation, but goes beyond and I try to relate through phrases and examples. This process of understanding and giving words to the verses and hidden words in verses of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita will go on till I die. After doing courses and staying in ashram, a shishya gains a different vision. Everything changes, this Samsara (world) doesn’t attract one anymore. Silence becomes a gift. One starts enjoying Brahman’s creation and values them more day by day. Living a conscious life and seeing your connection with Brahman, who blesses you with his powers; you get energised and rejuvenated. You value life and live every moment of it in a state of Bliss. That’s the power of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita.

About the Author:

Raadhaa Acharya is based in Tokyo, Japan as CEO of Satori Sutraa LLC, (School of Vedanta and Vedic Astrology in Japanese medium). She is a very famous Vedantin and a Vedic Astrologer. Felicitated with national and International awards, TV celebrity, linguist and writer. She has lived in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India; for almost two decades, learning and teaching Vedanta and Vedic Astrology. Some very traditional Gurus don’t teach Vedanta to females but Raadhaa Acharya, however was bold enough to visit those places and Gurus to gain self-knowledge. She has amazing experiences of her learning journey. She is a very calm, modest and sweet person. Despite of her incredible achievements, busy schedules and a very hectic life, she always keeps smiling.

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