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Students Computer Learning Guide: Pratyek Chatr Ki Computer Learning Guide

 By Shikha Gupta

Rs. 251 Rs. 295

ISBN : 9789350576984

Year of Publication : 2016

Edition : Latest Revised

No. of Pages : 48

Weight : 120 g

Language : Hindi

Condition : New

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Prastut pustak stuu?radeents kampyuutar larning gaid meen kampyuutar kee sabhee aavashyak pakshoon koo antahkriya tatha kriya-kalaap dvaara samajhaanee ka prayaas kiya gaya hai. Yah pustak sabhee umr kee baccoon kee liee taiyaar kee gayee hai. Isameen vishay-vastu koo rucikar eevan manoorannjanaatmak dhang see is prakaar prastut kiya gaya hai ki paathak isee parhakar kampyuutar seekhanee meen aanand kee anubhuuti karee.
Pustak kee vishishtata
abhyaas- pustak meen pratyeek yuunit kee ant meen muulyaankan sambandhee abhyaas diyee gayee hain jisasee paath kee samajh tatha vishay-vastu par pakar ka pata cal sakee tatha isaka ucit muulyaankan hoo sakee.
Kampyuutar vistaar- is bhaag meen vrhat kampyuutar jagat kee manoorannjak drshtikoon tatha kampyuutar sambandhee tathyoon par aadharit jnaan koo diya gaya hai.
Kya aap jaanatee hain? - is bhaag meen kampyuutar jagat kee aitihaasik pakshoon see sambandhti suucanaoon koo diya gaya hai. Kampyuutar kee vikaasaatmak visheeshataoon kee tarapaph dhyaan aakrsht; ??eepaheesapaheejaddh kiya gaya hai.
Kuch aur jaaneen- is bhaag meen paath meen bataayee gayee suucana sambandhee jnaan koo kuch aur aagee barhaakar samajhaaya gaya hai.
Any visheeshataeen- paath meen varnit vishay ka isameen vistaar diya gaya hai.
Matalab hai kya isaka? - isamanee paath meen aayee kuch vishisht shabdaavaliyoon koo kramab (dhang see paaribhaashit kiya gaya hai jisasee kathin shabdoon koo samajhanee meen aasaanee hoo.
Stuudeents kampyuutar larning gaid baccoon kee vaastavik jeevan meen kampyuutar seekhanee kee liee eek sapaphal maargadarshika saabit hoogee.(The book has useful tips and guidelines that should be kept in mind while working on a computer. This book is meant for children as well as for those less initiated to this new field of activity. The explanation is given in a simple language. There are exercises for students and qualified information about computer. ) #v&spublishers

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