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Sukhi Dampatya Jeevan: Pati-Patni Ke Sambando Mai Madurta Lane Ke Aachuk Nuskhe

 By Sheela Saluja

Rs. 166 Rs. 195

ISBN : 9789350576991

Year of Publication : 2016

Edition : Latest Revised

No. of Pages : 64

Weight : 96 g

Language : Hindi

Condition : New

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Aaj kee daampaty sambandho mein pragatisheel soch vikasit hone ke baavajuud jatilatayen vaise ke vaise hee barakaraar hain. Kaheen paraspar aham kee tushti naheen ho paatee, to kaheen svaabhimaan aapas mein takaraane lagata hai. Varjanaoon ne bhee naya ruup grahan kar liya hai. Puurvagrah evm kunthaoon ke kaanten tarah-tarah se chubh rahee hain. Aise mein ve dampati dhanya hain, jinamein aapasee samajhabuujh aur maanasikata sulajhee huee hai. Aaj kee jatil paristhtiyoon mein jee rahe dampati yadi puuree tarah saamannjasya, sahamati evam sahayoog ka vyavahaar kareen, to nishchay hee daampatya jeevan sukhee, shaant aur samriddh hota chala jayega.
Mahila vishayoon ke lekhak dampati Sheela Saluuja evam Chunneelaal Saluuja ne apanee is mahattvaakaankshee pustak mein daampatya jeevan ke tamaam duraav-chhipaav aur tanaav-takaraav duur karanee ke aise vyaavahaarik taur-tareeke bataye hain, jinasee prem, sauhaard evam sadbhaav ka sukhad vaataavaran nirmit hoona nishchit hai.Aaiee, in samaadhaanoon ko nishthaapuurvak apanaeen, ek duusaree ke astitv ka sammaan kareen aur apane daampatya jeevan ko svarg se bhee sundar banaein.(Tough spots will always occur – one might get sick, or need to attend to a dying parent. Every union will go through happy and hard times. A long-lasting marriage needs commitment, good communication and a good dose of love and affection. A ‘couples’ ritual is a way to connect with your each other in the madness of a busy life. The comfort of little rituals is trust giving, safety maintaining, and love enhancing – these things help us get through the day in the outside world. Small gestures matter – if you want your marriage to last, keep reminding each other that you love each other and nurture your relationship with kind words. You need to treat each other preciously – not for granted. Remember to make room for sex and put your marriage first. This book explains the ways to ‘a life of togetherness.’ ) #v&spublishers

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