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The Advaita Vedanta of Siva Samhita : First Ever Vedantic Exposition: Commentary on the first chapter of the Siva Samhita

 By K. Kathirasan , S. Anuradha & Kannan K.

Rs. 446 Rs. 595

ISBN : 9788120841727, 8120841727

Year of Publication : 2018

Edition : 1st

No. of Pages : 211

Language : English

Condition : New

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Siva Samhita has come to be known as one of the three source texts for the Hatha Yoga tradition. However, it is largely unknown to the world for its clear exposition of the subject of atmajnana or Self-Knowledge consistent with the tradition of the Upanisad-s and Advaita Vedanta as taught by Sankaracarya. The significant departure from the teachings of the Hatha Yoga tradition will be obvious to anyone who studies its first chapter in its entirety. The teachings of the first chapter of the Siva Samhita are very much rooted in the Advaita Vedanata tradition but modern scholars and traditional teachers of Advaita Vedanta have yet to discover its worthiness as an authentic Prakarana Grantha. Amont its fice chapters, Prakarana Grantha. Among its five chapters, only the first chapter is comprehensive about Vedanta, within the larger context of Sanatana Dharma unfolding the two lifestyles of pravrtti and nivrtti.

About the Author:

K Kathirasan had his tutelage with Swami Satprakashananda Sarasvati of Atma Vidya Vanam for several years studying the subject of Advaita Vedanta (Vedic Non-Dulism) and Yoga meticulously. His major area of specializations are Advaita Vedanta and sucular Mindfulness teachings.

Kathirasan holds and MBA from the University of Wolverhampton and leads a business that develops leaders in global corporations. In spite of his busy career, he continues to teach Advaita Vedanta regularly to serious students. He has lived all his life in Singapore.

He has also athored 'Mindfulness in 8 Days. How to Find Inner Peace in a World of Stress and Anxiety'.

S. Anurada has been learning Advaita Vedanta and other aspects of hinduism from K. Kathirasan since 2005. The desire to archive his teachings prompted her to transcribe and edit this lecture series on Siva Samhita.

In 2017 she released her debut novel "The Friendless God' set against the background of the Ram Janmabhoomi Babri masjid conflict in India.

She is currently based in Singapore and works as a financial journalist with a leading international news agency.

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