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The Ayurvedic Cookbook: A Personalized Guide to Good Nutrition and Health

 By Amadea Morningstar & Urmila Desai

Rs. 251 Rs. 295

ISBN : 9789391024673, 939102467X, 9789391024727, 9391024726

Year of Publication : 2023

Edition : Latest Reprint

No. of Pages : 364

Language : English

Condition : New

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The Ayurvedic Cookbook gives a fresh new perspective on this ancient art of self-healing. Over 250 taste-tested recipes are specifically designed to balance each constitution, with an emphasis on simplicity, ease and sound nutrition. Recipes range from exotic Indian meals to old American favorites. Amadea Morningstar, M.A., a Western trained nutritionist, and Urmila Desai, a superb Indian cook, are both well-versed in a variety of healing traditions. The Ayurvedic Cookbook includes an in-depth discussion of Ayurvedic nutrition, tridoshic perspectives and ways to make dietary changes that last.


"...inspired by the Ayurvedic Science of nutrition, can help readers learn how to use food to enhance the quality of their lives." - Dr. Robert E. Svoboda, Author: Prakruti: Your Ayurvedic Constitution

"...reveals simple recipes based upon Ayurvedic principles which can serve as a guide for an individual in his daily cooking." - Dr. Vasant Lad, Author: Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing

"One of the most useful parts of the book is the outline of menus; different Ayurvedic constitutions are considered as well as a specific menu that is safe for all constitutions." - Dr. David Frawley, Author: Ayurvedic Healing: A Comprehensive Guide

"...a unique health manual if applied with proper understanding, can lead to a whole new dimension in the enhancement of health and the joy of eating." - Yogi Amrit Desai, Founder, Kripalu Center, Spiritual Director

"A peep into the guide will help one pick up some elementary concepts with ease. The key to good health is also found in this ancient science and the book dwells on this aspect too." - The Pioneer, 25th September, 1994

"A really fascinating book. If you eat to live and to live a healthy as well as an active life...a virtual storehouse of dynamic information which one needs to devour slowly in order to digest and retain." Ruzbeh Nari Bharucha, Holistic Healing, Vol.1, No.12, August 1999

"...a personalised guide to good health and nutrition based on Ayurveda ...There are more than 250 recipes specially written to balance each constitution. the recipes are simple and easy to follow"-Shoba Ramji, The Hindu, Madras, 29th August 1995

"This deals not only with recipes and ways of preparing food, but also with the science of healing through the right nutritional choices, which, with a little ingenuity and scientifically oriented research, can be easily adapted to the contemporary lifestyles." - Parul Gupta, The Weekend Observer, June, 1996

"Over 250 tested recipes are specifically designed to balance each constitution, according to Ayurveda. Recipes range from Indian meals to American foods. It is a personalised guide to nutrition..." - Swagat, Page No.171, Dec., 1996

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